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Price Radio Sales - Portables, Mobiles, Accessories

Critical Communications can be the difference between life and death.

Price Radio Sales takes great pride in providing our Military & Public Safety Professionals with Refurbished Radio Equipment they can depend on. Our job is to serve you while YOU Serve us.

With Safariland Group and Tactical Command Industries as our Partner we're able to provide a Full Line of Tactical Communication Accessories for our Radio Brands as well as others.

At Price Radio Sales our mission is to provide low cost alternatives & unparalleled customer service to public safety professionals operating on a limited budget.

In support of our Tactical Communication Accessories we offer Secure Voice alternatives to encryption that non-government entities may not be eligible to use, thus providing a level of Security & Privacy for individuals that is unmatched by other radio manufacturers.

Whether it's for Secure Voice Privacy and Interoperability Channels or for use on Federal, State, or Local Government Networked Trunked Public Safety Radio Systems, we can supply the mobile radio Solution to fit your specific needs.

For Military Units and SWAT Teams alike, Tactical Communications can be an incredible Force Multiplier. In some cases equally important as other pieces of kit such as Night Vision, Armor, Suppressors, etc.

Interoperability is key in our programming. Your ability to communicate on your own Net is crucial, but in times of emergency, and for the purposes of Mutual Aid, it can become even more important to communicate with others outside your regular channels. We ensure each radio's programming is comprehensive to include all relevant channels for Interoperability and Mutual Aid Including, but not limited to: Public Safety, NPSPAC, Business Itenirent, Search & Rescue, Marine, Weather, Amateur Radio, FRS, & GMRS Channels.

Between the Active Hearing Protection & 360 Degree Situational Awareness provided by the TCI Liberator II Headset, The Larger Tactical Push-to-Talk Button, and unmonitorable Secure Voice Options of Harris Radios; this combination is the ideal solution for any Law Enforcement Agency's Emergency Response Team.

Thank you for choosing Price Radio Sales!